"Barb is always adding to her repertoire, looking for a new way to approach a song or to put her own stamp on an old standard. She sounds better every time I hear her."


Adrean Farrugia

award-winning pianist and composer, and Juno nominee

"I'm so glad

you are singing



Jaymz Bee

on-air host, producer and
Jazz Safari Bwana


Here’s what friends and colleagues are saying about Barb’s vocals.

 "Working with Barb on For The Record was a real pleasure for me. Her voice is warm and inviting and draws you in -- you can hear the smile when she's singing. It takes guts to perform the kinds of sophisticated arrangements that Barb takes on, and she really delivers."

– Jeff Wolpert, sound engineer, owner of Desert Fish Studios,
and four-time Juno award winner


“Clearly Barb Gordon absolutely loves singing and performing with her band. In a recent performance she engaged the audience with a diverse set, some clever arrangements, and there were great performances individually and collectively from Barb and her band – and the crowd responded accordingly.”

– Ralph James, musician; award-winning music agent and president of the Agency Group Canada; and 2013 inductee to the Canadian Music Industry
Hall of Fame


"It's Barb's sultry voice that got me. The way she curls it around her lyrics – always soulful and often playful she draws you in to her smoky jazz."

– Kelly Thornton, Artistic Director, Nightwood Theatre


"Ever since the early sessions in 2003 on Eight to the Bar I knew Barb was singularly focused on attaining the high level of artistry she so masterfully displays on For The Record, her current CD release. Her dedication and hard work have indeed led to the ultimate reward: One fine vocal performance on a highly ambitious endeavour! Her approach and delivery overwhelmed me – quite an accomplishment! She grabbed this record by the horns and truly made it her own. Well done, my dear: Ya done me proud!"

– Michael Maxwell, accomplished record producer, composer and arranger in all genres including the completion and world premiere recording of Liszt's unfinished piano concerto "De Proundis"


"I've been performing with Barb for more than 10 years now. She really knows how to get inside the music, and her exuberance makes every performance really fun for everyone playing with her. As a fellow musician, I also appreciate that Barbara is always adding to her repertoire, looking for a new way to approach a song or to put her own stamp on an old standard. She sounds better every time I hear her."

– Adrean Farrugia, award-winning pianist and composer, and Juno nominee


"It's always a full house when Barb is here. She's a great entertainer, very animated with a unique voice and style. She can really sing! People always want to know who she is -- and when she's coming back."

– Brian Roxborough, owner, The Mad Bean Coffee House


"Barb has a great energy and zest about her. It's like a kind of tonic. And that, combined with her natural gift for music, is what enables her to take on the sophisticated melodies of songs like Tight and Joy Spring and knock them out of the park. But what I love the most is when she sings standards like When You Wish Upon a Star -- it's full of hope, promise and magic when she sings it. It makes me feel like a little girl all over again!"

– Marlane Oliver, news anchor, 680 News All News Radio


"I'm so glad you are singing 'Tight'!"

– Jaymz Bee, on-air host, producer and jazz safari bwana, JAZZ.FM91


"Never have I heard such velvet in a voice, such warmth in tonal quality, such mastery in the crafting of a lyric or such coziness in a line as with Barb Gordon's voice. It's like slipping into a big, cushy sofa with a blanket on a cold night, when one is in need of a hug. Her voice makes the bad things go away.  What a great new talent in both the live and recording jazz world is Barbara. And she's a dream to work with too!"

– Elaine Overholt, singer, vocal producer (Big Voice Studios); voice coach on "Chicago", "Hairspray", "Mamma Mia" and "The Producers" (the films)


"Seeing Barb live is a magical experience. She absolutely loves what she is doing, and everyone in the audience knows it. She has a wonderful way of singing a song that you've heard a thousand times before and bringing a whole new feeling to it, so it's a brand-new experience for her listeners."

– Brent Vickar, lawyer, Longley and Vickar LLP